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Toddler Talk Speech Therapy of Boulder, Colorado treats the following Speech and Language Disorders:
Children with Motor Speech Disorders,
Childhood Apraxia of Speech,
Expressive and Receptive Language
Phonological Disorders


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Shayna Leonard M.S., CCC-SLP is the owner and director of Toddler Talk Speech Therapy in Boulder, CO.  Shayna graduated from the University of Rhode Island earning her Bachelor and Master of Science degree in Speech and Language Pathology.  She is certified by the American Speech-Language Association and licensed by the State of Colorado.  

Shayna is Apraxia Kids recognized for Advanced Training and Expertise in Childhood Apraxia of Speech.  

She is also PROMPT trained.

Shayna has been treating clients in private practice for nine years.  She creates meaningful change in her client's lives through her drive, compassion and ability to establish a trusting but hard working environment.



Our daughter, L., was 2.5 years old when we first met Shayna and had been being treated for the previous 6 months for a speech delay. With little improvement during those 6 months, along with other key indicators, the speech pathologist seeing L. started to suspect that she had Childhood Apraxia of Speech. Because Apraxia is a motor planning disorder, it was crucial that we find someone with specialized training in how to treat this rare speech disorder.  We were incredibly lucky to find Shayna, who had specific training in how to treat Apraxia. It was through Shayna that we found a treatment plan and a path forward.  After months of stalled progress, L. blossomed during her sessions with Shayna. We can't begin to convey the immense gratitude we have for finding Shayna and for the work she did with L. We are forever grateful to Shayna for understanding how to treat our daughter, for unwaveringly starting her post-session summary with positive words, and for giving L. the gift of speech.


We thank our lucky stars for Shayna. We found her when our daughter Alice was 2.5 years old and first diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of Speech, having very little language and only a few reliable sounds. Shayna got to work, seeing her 3-4 times per week and three years later, Alice no longer meets criteria for the diagnosis. Shayna knows just the right balance between patience and pushing, she employs her advanced training and skills to know how to systematically and and methodically approach the acquisition of letters, blends and ultimately sentence structure. As parents, we always felt incredibly supported by Shayna. She advised us on what we could do to carry over language development into the home. She helped us think about Alice's school plan, conducted routine testing that informed her sessions and collaborated with Alice's school team to share her knowledge and insights.It just doesn't get better than Shayna when it comes to finding a warm-hearted, child and parent-friendly, most capable and competent professional. Now that Alice is without question living her fullest, happiest and most communicative life, we look back on the work that Shayna did as being the key to most, if not all, of that.


Boulder, CO


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